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Mission - Vision - Strategic Development Direction


Mission of URS is to work together with partners, from private, public and civil society institutions, for the green, inclusive and sustainable development of our cities and rural areas where everyone enjoy equal opportunity to improve their quality of lives.


URS aims to become a pioneer in research and application of new technologies for planning, urban - rural management and development towards sustainability, and creating opportunities and equality to community. Products of URS will be eco-sustainable urban and rural areas which catch up with the cream of human beings on the basis of inheritance and conservation of traditional values in each region.

Strategic Development Direction

URS identify our business strategy as follows:

  • Continuously improve the quality of our consulting services and training of team leaders, employees and collaborators via learning and teamwork, self-learning and mobilization of the individual;
  • Enhance capacity for our national consultants through in-house training, exchanges, teamwork with international consultants and engaging with strong international network;
  • Create a working environment which encourages creativity and enthusiasm among individuals and unanimity for the group;
  • Select projects to provide services and consulting partners to work with based on common shared values of doing no harm to the environment, landscape, and natural resources; and respecting for the local identity (cultural traditions, the people and the environment);

Advocate clients and stakeholders to work towards a common goal of green, inclusive and sustainable development of our cities and rural areas.